About Softec ApS

Softec ApS is a private owned company spezialising in software solutions for the print and imaging industry.
The first FMS system was installed in 1989 in Norway which was the beginning of a journey with delivery to 20+ countries. FMS have been delivered to organisations of literally all sizes ranging from private owned local companies to world wide organisations with multi locations including leading companies as Fuji Film and Kodak.
With the industry transition from analogue to digital cameras in parallel to the fast growing Internet a new market arised for online photo imaging. Softec ApS was one of the pioneers delivering one of the first online web solutions for fully automatic ordering and production of digital photo products.
A range of digital products were developed together with our customers creating significant volume and market share as bandwidth became available for consumers throughout the markets. Photo web sites for B2C as well as B2B2C was delivered optimised to the needs of photo business and with syncronisation of data to the administrative backend FMS.
In 2008 Softec ApS made a partnership with Mediaclip Inc for distributing the Mediaclip™ Photo Product Creator Suite™ in Europe.
As a joint corporation Mediaclip Inc and Softec ApS launched a cloud based infrastructure which includes the front end creation tools Soft2Print. Soft2Print are used by customers from literally all continents and offer a suite of differnt options to tailer the system to your strategy.
In 2015 Softec ApS acquired the SmartCrop and SmartCompose components that uses advanced person detection for automatic cropping in addition to fitting an image within a template .

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