FMS - Foto Marketing System

FMS our administrative workflow and backend for handling large volume of B2C and B2B2C consumer-orders have been delivered to more than 20 countries since 1989.
Using tailored 1:1 marketing have been an important strategy supported by a mail extraction system for profiling customers.
The system, which is tailered to your needs, offers an automised workflow for cost efficient handling of large quantities of consumer orders enabling targetted communication.


Features such as invoicing, reminder, inkasso, customer service, pricing, production integration, marketing database, automatic emails transfer are essential.
FMS handles order receipt from multi sources including order entry of analog and digital manual orders with features such as adress dedublication during entry.
Integration with financial systems and payment providers are made on request.

Who is FMs for?

FMS is suitable for organisations handling a significant quantity of consumer orders with a wish to optimising the workflow.
We offer an ongoing support and bespoke adaptation working with your local team.
Outsorce a part of your tasks and we can help integrating an efficient setup.

Business model

FMS is delivered as a project tailored to your specifications.
The business model is flat rate suitable for handling large volume.
In addition we offer a support agreement to help your team running the business.
Our support team is software developers with high knowledge of the photo business, workflow and your systems.

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FMS - Foto Marketing System - A success since 1989.